St James Anglican Church
St James has been blessed with a grant from an anonymous donor of a set of three powerfull flood lights which illuminate the front and ends of the building at night . These lights are on a timer to control the period of time that they are switched on. The stonework of the church looks really stunning at night under the lights.
One of St James long serving parishioners bequeathed a magnificent Rodgers electronic organ to the church in memory of his wife, who was a long time serving organist at the church at the time when all we had was a leaky old pedal harmonium, and even in ill health, she pedalled away at it to provide music for the worship. The Rodgers organ is a two manual, full pedal board
instrument with many voices and presets, and is ably played today by our three organists.
Church Sanctuary Arch:
This arch is constructed of locally made bricks while the church was being built and and is unreinforced. Over the many years (150) had developed some cracking . This has been repaired this year (2007) by fitting a steel portal in the same style as the roof trusses to support it.
The cracks have been left unfilled as they are now part of the character of the stone church.
Arch repairs under construction 2007

Building completed in 1859

The parish hall was origionally the Coronation hall across the road from the church, This hall was to be
demolished by the council as it was considered beyond repair and no longer needed, but was rescued by
the church committee in about 1952, and moved to its site next to the east end of the church.
The building was in very bad state of repair, but over the years the congregation has worked to restore and maintain it so that now it is an asset to the church and to the community. The hall is in regular demand for a low cost venue for community occasions, and is the base for the St James Players and the sunday school.